GetUpside is the digital layer optimizing brick & mortar commerce.

We deliver personalized promotions through an easy-to-use consumer app, changing customer behavior and bringing new, profitable business to participating merchants.

Put your data to work

GetUpside uses data you already have - your anonymized credit & debit transaction data - to understand the purchase behavior of every consumer transacting at your sites and to develop personalized promotions to change your customers’ behavior.

The best part? There’s no work required of you - no staff training, no POS integration, no IT involvement - nothing.

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Personalize every offer

GetUpside changes customer behavior through our unique approach to offer generation & delivery. Our machine-learning offer generation engine was developed using 4+ years of research and hundreds of millions of transactions. The result is variable, compelling offers that are personalized for every consumer on every transaction and optimize over time to maximize your profit.

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Access new customers

In addition to changing behavior of the customers who already visit your sites, GetUpside brings you new customers. Unlike other rewards or loyalty programs, which primarily advertise on-premises and recruit your existing customers, GetUpside has a much broader reach, bringing you new customers through our robust referral strategy as well as targeted radio & digital advertising - all funded by GetUpside.

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