We help communities thrive

We do it by using everyday commerce to empower people and local businesses, and to protect the world around us.

We’re bringing personalization to brick and mortar commerce, and the economic impact is massive. The numbers speak for themselves, and GetUpside doesn't make money unless our users & merchants do first.


in annual commerce stays local


in cash back to users


in net profit driven to businesses

We use the commerce of today to help our world for tomorrow, so that all communities can thrive.  Since 2016, we’ve committed 1% of all revenue to sustainability initiatives that touch on our areas of operation. With our massive financial impact, this has put us in league with some of the world’s largest companies doing good.


of all revenue goes toward sustainability initiatives


metric tons of CO2e offset


pounds of food rescued


product development

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E-commerce transformed retail for the better, but brick-and-mortar businesses have had a hard time keeping up. GetUpside lifts up every part of a community—the people, the businesses, and the places therein—and sometimes we go out of our way to do a little extra.


“thank yous” to
local businesses


voters driven to
the polls

Our 1% revenue commitment is working!
GetUpside offset more emissions in 2020 than Disney, Salesforce, and Bank of America combined. That’s equivalent to almost 20% of Tesla’s avoided carbon emissions last year.

What does it mean to offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions?

It means that for any carbon emissions released into our atmosphere as a result of the fuel you buy with GetUpside, we invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount.

How does it work?

We fund verified emissions reduction projects through organizations including EnKing, 3Degrees, and the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform. These investments support wind-based power generation, wastewater treatment, and hydroelectric projects worldwide.

What does it mean to rescue food?

It means we help take otherwise-wasted food and divert it to feed those in need. We work with organizations like Food Rescue US and MEANS that connect restaurants and grocery stores with food recipients like local food banks and community kitchens.

Will this come at a cost to me?

No, this does not cost anything for our users or retail partners. As we connect people and businesses, GetUpside uses its own revenue to care for our planet.

Why is this important?

While millions of people use GetUpside to make their dollar go further on their purchases, and tens of thousands of local brick and mortar businesses earn more profit, GetUpside does its part behind the scenes to transform everyday errands into greater change.

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