Since the beginning, A-Frame has focused on building a world class team that could create and grow businesses to solve real world problems in sustainable, profitable ways. Our flexible structure enabled us to build our own businesses, partner with existing companies, and work with aspiring entrepreneurs in our communities all at the same time.

To that end, our mighty team of 10 former entrepreneurs, CEOs, and CMOs combined our expertise and strong technical offering to build businesses we are immensely proud of. Aptitude8, our first business, did over $2.5M in revenue in just 18 months by helping to grow more than 40 diverse companies across the country, from Gordon Food Service to, our second business, makes it easier for pet owners to find the right veterinary care for their animals and continues to operate as an independent business today. With every new project, we dedicated ourselves to building lasting relationships that made us more effective, driven operators in every way.

In that spirit, today we are delighted to share that A-Frame has been acquired, and the team is joining GetUpside in their mission to help communities thrive.

Why GetUpside? 

The combined experience of the A-Frame team makes us experts in the brick-and-mortar space, and we can comfortably say that GetUpside is transformational. 

The economics say if we know what a customer has done historically, and we know what that customer needs right now, we can design personalized offerings that maximize the customer’s purchasing power, the seller’s profitability, and societal value overall. GetUpside is finally enabling that in the offline world. As GetUpside connects millions of users with businesses nationwide, shoppers have more purchasing power, businesses earn more profit, and communities are made stronger. 

This acquisition is entirely aligned with our focus on local communities and leveraging technology for the greater good. By joining this team, we’re able to magnify A-Frame’s vision and impact to help materially change local commerce for the better. 

Why Now? 

The brick and mortar ecosystem is ripe for disruption. The cookie data, performance metrics, and one-to-one personalization that make ecommerce so efficient can no longer be reserved for the online world. By bringing online tools offline, we’ll be able to provide tech partners and retailers—independent operators and enterprise customers alike—with 100% attribution for the marketing and sales programs that drive real, incremental profit to their bottom line. 

From a consumer perspective, we need to do our part to maintain brick and mortar retail. Even today as COVID-19 response measures mandate that everyone stay inside, the need and general desire to support the physical spaces that enable local commerce is stronger than ever. 

To all of our A-Frame clients, we are grateful for your partnership and for the opportunity to help you grow your business. Please, don’t be strangers. Reach out with questions about the future of brick and mortar, where we’re headed, or how to get involved.

By A-Frame Co-Founders Brian Ficho & Arman Ghosh, as originally published here.