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How to make every day Small Business Saturday

November 24, 2021

It’s easier than you think to shop local and help your community thrive! 

The people and businesses in our neighborhoods are the backbone of our communities, and they’ve been through it all these last two years. Local businesses have kept us safe and got creative with ever-changing pandemic policies. They’ve adjusted to unprecedented supply chain issues to keep items stocked for us. Now they’re competing to find help so they can serve shoppers through this busy holiday season.  

On Small Business Saturday, we all do our part to support these businesses the way they’ve supported us throughout the year. The easiest way to do your part is by using GetUpside. 

When a business joins GetUpside, a community-wide positive chain reaction is set in motion. GetUpside users spend over $2 billion at participating businesses each year, and that commerce does a lot to empower communities. Customers get more spending power when they need it most and businesses earn guaranteed profit, even in harsh market conditions.

We call this the GetUpside Effect - it’s what happens when even a single business joins the largest brick and mortar personalization platform.

The GetUpside Effect

1. We connect people and local businesses. When a person opens up the free GetUpside app, they see hundreds of businesses in their area. That’s how we introduce people to new businesses, and introduce businesses to customers they wouldn't have seen otherwise.

2. People and businesses earn more. When a customer uses GetUpside to decide where to buy, not only do they earn cash back and increase their spending power, but we guarantee that businesses earn more profit. ​​In fact, if the business does earn additional profit, they don’t pay anything and GetUpside foots the bill. 

So the customer and the business both win. This is especially important right now, since these extra earnings help to offset the high delivery fees businesses have been paying lately.

3. Commerce stays local. At GetUpside we focus on helping business grow, and those benefits ricochet to the greater community. With more cash back, customers are happier and have more money to spend. They’re able to maximize their spending and support local businesses... which helps keep more dollars local.

GetUpside is a place for people who believe in making their communities stronger. Our team works around brick-and-mortar merchants, eats at brick-and-mortar restaurants, and buys from brick-and-mortar grocers.

Together we’re leveling the playing field and creating an environment where the online marketplace and brick-and-mortar businesses can compete in economic harmony. On Small Business Saturday, and everyday.  

Let us know if you’d like to become a part of the community that helps communities. We’re hiring.

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