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We‘re committed to inclusivity, and building a workplace that is representative of the communities we serve. Equally important is our commitment to transparency.

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Who we are

1% Boomer

26% Gen X

67% Gen Y

6% Gen Z

13% Asian

10% Black or African American

5% Hispanic or Latinx

3% 2+ Races

0% American Indian or Alaska Native

71% White


64% Men

36% Women

0.63% Non-binary


30% Women

70% Men

0% Non-binary




team participation in inclusivity, workplace harassment prevention, information security, and management trainings

Employee spotlights

Allison Herskovitz
Assistant Accounting Manager

Has worked on the Accounting team for over a year now at GetUpside.

“I love all the people at GetUpside. I know that’s cliché and most people say that, but here I really feel it! I joined virtually but still feel like I have friends at the company because everyone is so welcoming.”

Americo Segovia
Fuel Account Manager

Joined the team during quarantine and has supported our customers from home.

“I really like the GetUpside product. We do everything on the back end and it’s so much easier to support clients. Plus everyone here is really smart and brings something unique to the table. We have all kinds of backgrounds and experiences; it’s great to have a lot of bright people in the same place to solve problems.”

Jamil Mohammed
Operations Manager

Has worked in many different Operations roles during his 5 years at GetUpside.

“I was born in America, but raised in Nigeria where the culture of showing respect to executives and seniors is by not speaking to them when they’re in your presence. GetUpside is completely different. Being able to work with senior leaders on a regular basis is special.”