Washington D.C.- August 7, 2020​ — Shoppers in Kansas City, MO ​can now earn cash back on gas with the GetUpside app. ​GetUpside​ is a technology company changing the economics of buying to ​benefit both shoppers and local businesses. With GetUpside, people ​earn cash back ​while ​businesses earn more profit​. A win-win.

HOW IT WORKS: ​Open the ​free​ GetUpside app, see ​personalized​ exclusive offers at gas stations in Kansas City, claim one, check-in, pay with a credit/debit card as usual, and earn cash back! You can cash out whenever you like via digital gift card, PayPal, or to your bank account. ​It’s that easy.

Participating gas stations ​throughout Kansas City are now providing incredible ​cash back offers​ (up to 25 cents per gallon), including:

  • BP
  • Valero
  • Phillips 66

GetUpside was created by ex-​Googlers ​in​ Washington, DC ​and is growing fast: over 20,000 locations in 47 states​ now provide cash back offers on GetUpside. Since 2016, the company has provided tens of million dollars​ in ​increased profit and cash back​. GetUpside is a top-50 Android/iOS app next to apps like Twitter, Waze, and Uber Eats & is available for​ free​ on ​Google Play​ and in the ​App Store​. ​ 

About GetUpside

GetUpside personalizes brick-and-mortar commerce to help communities thrive. As we connect millions of users with businesses nationwide, shoppers have more purchasing power, businesses make more profit, and value is driven back to our communities. Now live at tens of thousands of locations in 47 states, we’ve provided more than $50 million in increased profit and cash back to merchants and consumers.