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Change is good.

At GetUpside, we’ve always had big plans and a big vision. Every day we see the difference we’re making for our app users, merchant partners, and teammates. And we’re just getting started.

Our company grew so quickly since launching in 2016 that our brand grew naturally right along with it. By 2019, every app session, marketing email, social media post, founder blog post, and merchant interaction had established and reinforced our identity.

We’re proud of what we’ve built, and we’ve comfortably let the product speak for itself. But as our growth accelerates (17x in 2018 alone), we wanted to take advantage of this momentum to give our brand the same attention and thoughtful focus that we give to everything else we do.

Along with GetUpside’s Design Lead and one truly stellar agency (hi Ueno!), I’m thrilled to introduce our updated visual identity.

The GetUpside logo

GetUpside is all about making connections between businesses and people. We value both, and we aim to bring value to both. Our logo, on its face, reflects just that.

But let’s go a little deeper. Like our two logo colors, we’re complementary to the audiences we serve. We seamlessly operate right alongside our merchant partners, we easily integrate into the lives of our app users, and while our team works hard, we work harder at supporting one another. Complementary and value-additive.

Every move we make has a ton of thought behind it, and we do our best to be as transparent as possible about our decisions as we continue to learn and grow. In fact, transparency is one of our core values. At first glance of our logo, maybe you just see our name. But look a little closer and you’ll see the directional ‘upside’ we create for people and businesses right there in the ‘G.’ Sorry I spilled the beans — like I said, transparency is a core value.

The GetUpside icon

Do you see a ‘G’? A full-circle motion? An arrow pointing up? Same. We like the idea of leaving room for interpretation — everyone dreams up their own upside — so I suppose I’ll stop there.

I would like to mention that we have included a nod to our old logo. An homage, if you will. That logo incorporated an upward facing arrow with shades of green. We’re proud of where we started, and we liked the idea of building on top of that.

The GetUpside color palette

This brand refresh wasn’t limited to visual identity; it was also an opportunity to refine the way we communicate our brand foundation — our vision, mission, values. They have remained central to everything we’ve done since the beginning.

With that identity in place, we were empowered to explore color choices to represent exactly who we are.

We envision a future with vibrant communities. Likewise, our full color palette is vibrant. It is, and we are, bright but humble, specific but flexible. And, you know what? Easy to work with.

Onward and upward

A visual identity is more than a logo and a color palette, and we’re thrilled to begin working in this new design system across mediums, from billboards to in-app notifications. As with everything we do, we will be testing, tweaking, and working to continuously refine and improve.

But it’s day one in this new world, and I’m feeling just as optimistic as this new look suggests.