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Profit-maximizing technology uses personalized offers to increase incremental profits for merchants and deliver cash back earnings to consumers.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FEBRUARY 6, 2020 — GetUpside has partnered with Valero to bring the profit-maximizing platform to Valero branded fuel stations and convenience stores (c-stores) nationwide, which includes more than 5,000 locations. This agreement makes GetUpside available to more than 27,000 stations and c-stores across the United States.

GetUpside’s machine learning platform personalizes promotions to bring customers to the pump and then into the convenience store, increasing profits for merchants and proving it on every transaction. There are no upfront costs and merchants don’t have to invest in any new point of sale systems or software. Cash back offers are delivered through the GetUpside mobile app, profitably incentivizing new customers to visit and existing customers to visit more often. With GetUpside, merchants have an opportunity to drive customers into the c-store.

Rob Chase, a Valero customer who joined GetUpside in September 2017, says,

“GetUpside drove more than 76,000 incremental gallons to my participating Valero stations last year, at a 49% return on investment. That’s the entire monthly volume of another station without any additional work from me or my staff. Any competitive advantage I can get is a win and GetUpside is providing me with one.”

After users are brought to the pump, GetUpside c-store merchants have seen pump-to-c-store conversion double, existing customers’ basket sizes increase by 20%, and a 50% return on investment.

“This agreement with Valero is another important example of a forward-thinking organization changing the way it markets products to customers. We’re thrilled Valero locations will use GetUpside to unlock profit at the pump and in the c-store,” said GetUpside Co-Founder and CEO Alex Kinnier.