Who are we, again? 

When you think “GetUpside,” what comes to mind? It probably depends on who you are.  

People say we’re the app that helps them earn cash back on everyday items. Brick and mortar businesses say we’re the program that’s helping them earn more profit (and proving it). And anyone following our company says we’re the team that’s growing at an incredible rate and that’s dedicated to helping communities thrive.

Well that’s all true. 

We’ve spent years building new technology and a dedicated team that serves people at all points of commerce, and it’s paying off—literally. We’re talking about tens of millions of dollars in cash back for people and profit for businesses, and a team of nearly 200 people worldwide. Because when people and businesses do better, communities grow stronger. 

The re-launch! And what’s in it for you. 

Today we’re (re)launching our blog to create a space for all of you—people, businesses, and company-watchers alike—to get even more value from GetUpside. Making your everyday more rewarding is a tall order, and we want this blog to be as impactful for you as our product. We’ll be publishing information about personal finance, upcoming trends in the industries we work in, personalization and technology overall, and how to get the most out of our product. 

Our goal is to make all this information as enjoyable and accessible as possible with a new, clean design that’s easier to navigate. 

For People provides information to help with personal finance, user tips to get the most out of your GetUpside app, alerts about new market launches, and spotlights featuring stand-out users. 

For Businesses focuses on marketplace trends in the restaurant, fuel and c-store, and grocery industries, and features stand-out merchants on the platform. We will also use this space to highlight our participation at national conferences and expos. 

Our Company keeps you up-to-date on our progress towards accomplishing our mission, our team milestones, our expanding network of partnerships, and our thought leadership content.  

Our Product features new product updates and how to get the most out of them. 

What’s next? 

This post is just the beginning. Over time we’ll continue to build out our content to bring you the most value possible. To that end, we encourage you to follow along and share posts you find useful or interesting. If you have more ideas about the kind of content you’d like to see, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for being part of the GetUpside community.